Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Don't hire twisted minds to educate

Here's to Sinner, who tracks Dr. Demento and her very public breakdown. His site truly is serving a purpose. Go read his documentation of her site and you will understand that is it totally imperative that this warped mind does NOT ever get near young minds, or any minds for that matter in an education setting. I won't link to her, because she doesn't need the hits. He does it for you.

We support you dude!

Being in the education field myself, I have contacted our education division to warn of this woman. I'm a little concerned however that maybe I might be spreading an addiction. It has been utterly fascinating to watch this woman's meltdown. Some describe it like watching a train wreck or Jerry Springer.

What is interesting too, is she has gotten very good legal advice. I had a friend who is a psychologist check out her site, and based on what is written, he says she is most likely a sociopath and would be willing to bet has something most psychologists and psychiatrist hate dealing with in a patient, narcissism. Maybe this is why she is not getting free psychiatric type advice.

Very sad.


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